Processing Community Day @ Los Angeles

PCD @ Los Angeles is an inclusive event that will bring together people of all ages to celebrate and explore art, code, and activism. The day-long event features four themed-tracks — Accessibility, Disability, and Care, Radical Pedagogy, Under the Silicon, the Beach!, and Epic Play!. Each themed track contains lightning talks and sessions presented by conference guests we invite through an open call.

In addition to a full day of programming, we want to make space for anyone to share ideas and projects with the community. We will set up Show & Tell Stations, a Processing Community Cafe, and a Community Open Mic Session for participants to sign-up on the day of the event. The program will wrap up with an after party consists of performances, food, and drinks.
A woman giving a presentation to a full room in front of a screen that reads 'Radical Pedagogy.'
High schoolers looking at a laptop screen.


Seven people looking at a filtered projection of themselves on a screen.
Two large LED screens, one with a colorful block pattern, another with odd faces.


The UCLA Arts Conditional Studio is comprised of graduate and undergraduate students within the UCLA School of Arts and Architecture. If you’re a current student, please write to Chandler to inquire about participation. If you’d like to apply to UCLA, please write to your prospective department. The School of Arts and Architecture is the departments of Architecture and Urban Design, Art, Design Media Arts, and World Arts and Culture/Dance.

If you have questions about the UCLA Arts Software Studio, please write to Chandler.